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This is Mike Ransom, Alan's brother, speaking.

Alan had a near-fatal motorcycle accident around 3:00 p.m., Sunday, April 30, 2000 on Zena Road near Jay, Oklahoma. His friends, Jim Scott and Steve Ellis, acted quickly to save Alan's life. Jim is a firefighter, and he applied emergency first-aid by keeping pressure on the wounds. Steve luckily had enough power left in his cell phone to complete a 911 call. He also was able to stop traffic at the scene to avoid further injury to anyone.

Alan was life-flighted to Joplin, then sent by ambulance to St. Francis Hospital in Tulsa for treatment of his injuries. A huge thanks to all the other incredible people (the Jay paramedics, the Life Flight folks, the staff of the hospital in Joplin and of St. Francis Hospital) who helped save Alan's life! We'll be forever indebted to you. More later about this.

Alan was in critical condition from Sunday through Tuesday. However, thanks to the fantastic treatment and care he received (and his own strong constitution), he is now out of the ICU.

However, he still has a long and difficult road of recovery ahead. There may be hazards and detours along the way. This website and guestbook are a means for his friends to keep up with his condition, and to write messages for him to aid in his recovery.

Update, 8/18/2000: Alan is back home now. He is moving around a lot more and with greater ease, but his left foot and leg have more healing to do. His main goal is to keep working on the physical therapy and get his left leg working again.

Update, 4/26/2001: Alan has been back to work for quite awhile. He is getting around mostly with a cane and is playing bass in public again. I archived, then closed off the guestbook (aka "Virtual Cast"), but you can call Alan and talk with him yourself now. I'll keep this web site out here as a journal for anyone who wishes to reread it.

Jim Scott, one of Alan's rescuers, had a motorcycle accident near Hank's Hamburgers on Admiral several weeks ago. He suffered a punctured lung and broken ribs, and was in intensive care for 2 weeks...much longer than Alan had been. But he has been discharged and is doing well under his parents' care. We wish him a speedy recovery.

5/13/2001: Jim paid Alan a visit at home last week!

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